We wholeheartedly believe that children learn through play – and that’s how the DOVA came to be. The DOVA will quickly become the centre of your child’s play, allowing them to create, build, break, balance, destroy and do it all over again. The only limit to what the DOVA can do is your child’s imagination.

The DOVA sofa is inspired by the Montessori principle of following the child. Whether it’s interacting with the DOVA or building a world with the DOVA at its centre, your child’s creativity and ability to problem-solve will shine through. As a stylish centrepiece in any room, the DOVA provides the perfect place to let imaginations run wild or kick back and quietly take everything in.


There might be endless possibilities for fun, but your DOVA begins as a beautiful, comfy sofa that makes for the perfect place to rest and recharge ahead of another big day of exploration. Whether it's night time or nap time, the DOVA is the perfect place to kick back and read a book, take a cat nap or host the ultimate sleepover with friends. When it’s time to rest, the DOVA separates into eight cosy cushions which are ideal for taking a breather and enjoying some quiet time. 


Play is the essence of being a child – and the DOVA integrates free-spirited, unstructured play into your home. Build it up, tear it down and start all over again – the DOVA sofa provides thousands of ways to play. Little ones can go as far as their imaginations will take them. They can build a castle and sit atop the throne, sail an ocean on a pirate ship or climb a mountain with friends – all while staying at home. It's all part of a DOVA day.