Caring for your DOVA

DOVA days can get messy. This was a major factor for us to consider when designing the DOVA. Our fabric and foam are built to keep up with the energy that your little ones will throw at it.

Our commercial grade fabric comes with a high-quality stain protection. When your DOVA is little bit dirty, you can simply wipe down with a damp cloth, lint roller or give it a quick vacuum.

Stains caused by tea, juice, ketchup, pen and or whatever is thrown at your DOVA can all be removed in a simple and easy way. For lighter stains - the use of water and a paper towel is sufficient. In the case of harder stains - all you need to remove the dirt is a microfiber cloth, water and grey soap. Be careful not to rub into the fabric to enlarge the stain.

DOVA covers are machine washable. Covers can be washed on a cool wash cycle. We strongly recommend hanging dry for the first few washes, as there is a small risk of fabric shrinkage. If tumble dried, do so on a low temperature cycle.

With kids, spills are part of life. If you DOVA gets wet, don’t panic! Remove the covers immediately and simply hang dry them. If the liquid stains or is sticky, you’ll might want to follow our general cleaning instructions above.

With quality fabric, spills should rarely soak into the foam, if you do need to dry out the foam leave do so in a sunlit airy space and soak up any excess liquid with a dry cloth.

Only put the covers back on once both the fabric and the foam pieces are completely dry.

The fabric cover is a commercial grade polyester-nylon blend which is treated with stain protection, so you do not need to add any extra fabric protection or care products to your DOVA.