Hi there, welcome to the DOVA family.

We are Corrine and Rhona, the new-mum duo behind DOVA.

Like all soon-to-be parents, our minds often wandered in all different directions: what will our kids be like? how will they play? will they be shy or will they be boisterous? We were always on the hunt for things that would enrich our children’s learning and foster their imaginations. We found ourselves trying to strike a balance between functionality and style, especially when it came to toys – and we confess, we also wanted something that would look great in the home.

With this in mind, and drawing upon Corrine's background as a Montessori school teacher, we got to work designing the DOVA, an all-in-one modular play sofa. With a DOVA the possibilities are endless, your little builder can go as far as their imagination will take them. A DOVA sofa will help them to discover and acquire new skills all in the name of free-spirited play. They can build a castle or a pirate ship, settle down to read a story or create the ultimate den for a rainy day with friends.

With 12 colours to choose from the DOVA integrates stylishly into any room. Becoming the centre of the universe for your little ones by day and neatly blending in by night.

We want to encourage our children to play open-endedly, find ways to problem solve and explore their own imaginations. We figured there must be plenty of parents out there who feel the same way. We thought, rather than having a number of toys which serve different purposes why not create one that serves them all – the DOVA.

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