What Can I Do with My Swatch Pack?

You’ve received your handy swatch pack and ordered the DOVA in your favourite colour- now what? Rather than tossing those 12 little fabric squares in the bin, below are five clever ways to reduce waste and reuse your DOVA swatches.

Colour Matching

This one is for our younger builders- cut each swatch in half, now giving you 24 swatch pieces. Start with two or three colours in a basket and have some fun together naming and matching each colour. Increase the difficulty by adding more colours! Are your builders reading and writing? Create colour name labels to practise reading or invite your little one to write the colours themselves!

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Grab a drawstring bag (or a container that you can’t see inside!) and a few random objects as well as one DOVA swatch. Let your child see the variety of objects first, then place them in the bag. You can ask your little one to find an object in the bag using only their hands! Your little one can practise their stereognostic sense by placing their hand in the bag and feeling around for the correct object.

Memory Matching

Remove the labels and cut your swatches in half. Turn your swatches upside down and take turns flipping two at a time to try and find a pair. Use less colours and a grid layout with younger children. Older children may enjoy the colours scattered or even hid around the room!

The Floor is Lava

A childhood favourite and the perfect game to play with your DOVA. Unzip your base pieces and scatter the 8 foam pieces and 12 square swatches around the room- try and get from point A to point B without touching the floor!

Sensory Matching

Remove the labels off one swatch colour and cut in half. Gather two or three more spare fabric pieces that are distinguishable to the touch (i.e. canvas, velvet, fleece, knit). Cut each fabric into two identical pieces. Place all the pieces into a drawstring bag and attempt to find the matching fabrics by using touch alone!

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