Rainy #DOVAdays Activities

Well, winter is upon us. As the rain comes down, our little builders are stuck inside more and more. Already built your 1000th fort? Running out of rainy day activities for your little ones? Don’t fret, we’ve got some fresh ideas for you!


Have you got an aspiring actress or actor in your family? Pull out the dressing-up box and help your little ones come up with an idea for a show. Writers and readers could even jot down their own script. The DOVA will provide a soft landing for any slapstick comedy!

Obstacle Course

There is no better activity that keeps the kids occupied AND burns off some excess energy. Unzip the DOVA’s base pieces to maximise possibilities. Looking for a workout yourself? Join in with the little ones to burn off some of that Christmas dinner. P.S. The floor is lava!

“Bring Me” Game

Another one for those that want some big body movement. Gather all the DOVA pieces and unzip the base pieces. You now have 4 squares, 2 rectangles, and 2 triangles. Now, go hide each piece around your house. Little builders can watch where the pieces go and bigger builders can close their eyes for more of a challenge. Sit back with a cup of tea and ask, “Could you bring me a square piece?” Cue your little one running around to collect up their DOVA pieces!




Bakery? Café? General store? Beach hut? Gather random trinkets from around the house and let your little builder “sell” them to whoever will buy! Grab a paper and pen to jot down prices or some bright colours to make a sign for the shop. If your little builder is big enough, grab some spare change and enjoy a little maths while playing.


Board Game Night

Unzip those base pieces and you’ve got the perfect set up for board game night. Does competition run hot in your family? Why not try a cooperative board game like Pandemic or Forbidden Island where everyone works together to defeat the game. Our little builders love routine, so why not make it a weekly affair?



Have you got a great rainy day idea? Inspire others by tagging us (@dova.play) in your photos!


    Corrine & Rhona x