Finding Your Tribe!

We all know life as a new parent is hard and often, lonely. Not only do we feel the pressure to care for a new tiny human, but there's the added pressure to do it well. Finding quality information and other parents to commiserate with can feel overwhelming. Even just one Google search can send us down the rabbit hole (wasting precious sleep!). Look no further as we've compiled a few top notch resources for you to gather tips, tricks, and other parents on the same journey. 

1. The Mum Club

IG: @themumclub

Founded in 2016, The Mum Club was created after noticing the number of baby centered classes and found that spaces to focus on mums were missing. TMC hosts events all across the UK to meet other like minded mums. The best part? After you buy your ticket, they provide the rest - food, coffee, wine, sitter (!!!), and the quality convos. Not ready to leave the house yet? Their website and newsletters are full of parenting advice, product recommendations, and interesting articles. Sign up for their (free!) membership here.

2. Peanut

IG: @peanut

The peanut app is a place to connect with other mums and mums-to-be in an (almost Tinder like) swipe up and down fashion. Great for connecting and meeting with other mums in your area. Swipe with the same mum? You're now able to message each other. If you can get over the initial awkwardness of it all, Peanut is a great resource for finding your tribe and meeting other like minded mums. They also offer hundreds of forums where you can ask questions and gather advice.

3. Reddit


Those who regularly use Reddit may have come across this one already. If you're new to Reddit, you can find a quick overview here. This subreddit is catered to those who have new parents and is a great place to ask questions and read other people's stories. How does this stand apart from any other forum? Subreddits are moderated and follow strict rules and guidelines. This keeps out the trolls and leaves you with quality content. 

4. Park Run 

IG: @parkrunuk

Parkruns are free, weekly, community events all around the world. Saturday morning events are 5k and take place in parks and open spaces. On Sunday mornings, there are 2k junior parkruns for children aged four to 14. Find your Local Parkrun here. 

4. Local Resources 

Often forgotten about, but a community centre or library near you can be a fantastic resource for a new parent. Many of these centres will run some kind of baby/toddler meet up. They're often inexpensive and a perfect place to meet other parents in your area. Give your local community centre or library a call and ask what they offer as they're sometimes not advertised online. 


Wherever you find your tribe remember to be kind to yourself. Parenting is a long journey and we all need a few cups of tea and a good chat along the way!