Back to School with DOVA!

From toddlers to teens, getting back into the day-to-day rhythm after a summer off is hard work! After a long summer off, you might be looking forward to a little peace and quiet around the home, or dreading those early weeks of establishing the new routine…

For those of you who have spent your holidays enjoying relaxing DOVA days on your new play sofa, do not fret a DOVA is not just for summer! Here are some ways your DOVA can help integrate into your School term.

After School Snacks!

The kids have headed back to school, and you know what that means — they’ll be hungry when they get home. Before any homework and afterschool activities, the DOVA is great spot to refuel and recharge those hungry kids. Washable fabric and stain proof protection means there is no need to worry about crumbs and spills.

Homework Space

After a hard day of school, often the last thing your child is going to want to do is more work, let along sit at another desk! Setting up a homework-friendly area, can be easy with the DOVA. Make sure your child has a clean and well-lit place to do their homework, and use the modular pieces to create seating and rest place.


School reading can be a challenge for any parent, especially when kids are tired after a long day.  Not to mention Mum and Dad nodding off…the firm DOVA foam creates a comfy seat to enjoy school reading together with back support for Mum and Dad to say alert!  

For those of you with independent readers how can you encourage your children to not only read school, but continue reading for pleasure? The DOVA helps to creating a quiet and cosy environment to get lost in literature.

Enjoy Some Screen Free Time

We know watching TV and scrolling on screens can ruin you’re the chances of a good early night’s sleep? Enjoy some screen free time with the DOVA and encourage your kids to take some time for themselves and switch off from technology for the day. Whether that is relaxing with some child friendly  mediation or burning off some energy with a full family game of floor is lava!