8 DOVA Hacks for Parents

Made by Mums, it is not all imagination and play. the DOVA is designed for practical family life.

During my first 15 months of parenting, I have learned an infinite number of tips and tricks to manage sleepless nights and non-stop days. During it all our DOVA sofa has seamlessly become, well, part of the furniture. 

Below are eight DOVA life hacks that we find ourselves using at home:

1. Breast and bottle feeding

My breastfeeding journey would not be complete without the DOVA. An average year of breastfeeding can add up to 1,800 hours. Our DOVA sofa has been my trusty feeding spot for a great many of these hours.

 Whether bottle or breastfeeding, try stacking the triangle pieces to make an extra high headrest and using the arm pieces to hold some of the baby’s weight and stop arm fatigue. If you are comfortable with side-feeding then the DOVA’s firm foam makes it a great spot to rest and feed. Our stain resistant fabric means you don’t need to cry over any spilt milk!

2. Resettling or cot transitioning

When we first transitioned our son Max into his own room, I spend 3 or 4 nights sleeping next to his cot on the DOVA. It helped to smooth the cot transition process, while allowing me to bank some good sleep. 

As Max is now 14 months old, we are tackling night weaning and self-soothing. To help us though these nights we have position the DOVA at the side of the cot for a more comfortable spot for Mum and Dad. If you have ever found yourself climbing into your baby’s crib to comfort them to sleep, this is a hack you need to try.


3. Adult guest bed

It’s not just kids who can sleep on the DOVA. The DOVA dimensions when laid flat are 189cm x 162cm x 12.5cm, this is wider than a double bed. Lay your DOVA flat and use a fitted sheet to hold the pieces together in place and create a bed for adult guests. Our super firm foam makes for a comfortable night’s sleep.

4. Early morning “Long-Lie”

5.00am, 6.00am? However early the wake-up call, early mornings don’t seem to get any easier after months of practice. Early mornings with Max have been made a little easier with reading books on the DOVA. Pull the DOVA out into the sleep over position and add enjoy a few more horizonal moments before breakfast and the day ahead. It’s the closest thing to a long lie for this Mum!

5. Easy clean-up activity

Feel like you’re spending more time cleaning up activities than actually enjoying them with your kids? The DOVA integrates free-spirited, unstructured play into your home and it involves minimum clear up! Build it up, tear it down and start all over again – the DOVA sofa provides thousands of ways to play and can then packed away within seconds. Next time you need a quick burn-out activity, transform your DOVA sofa to a castle without demolishing your tidy living room or requiring you to break out the hoover!

6. Laundry folding station

Some tasks are simply done better when sitting on the floor – particularly folding laundry! It is hard to make this hack sound exciting but give it a go the next time you have a basket full of clean clothes.



7. Create a “yes” space

Following Montessori principles, we try to create a “yes” space for Max in his bedroom and our living room. This means he can move, touch and explore confidently and with few limitations – knowing this space is for him. We have used the DOVA to act as a natural barrier between play area and kitchen for example. It’s also useful as a barrier from things he cannot touch, i.e. electric plugs!

8. Extra guest seating

With 12 colours to choose from the DOVA is versatile in the home environment. We wanted to create a ‘toy’ that hides in plain sight, which means neatly blending into any living room. When the kids are in bed, we have often found ourselves enjoying a glass of wine on the DOVA with friends.